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Does a Christian woman have to convert to marry a Muslim man

I just don’t feel like marriage would be the right reason to convert.

Should I marry my Pakistani Muslim boyfriend?

Is this a small price to pay to spend my life with the man I love? He thinks I am making a big deal for nothing, but I am very aware that this decision is for life.

Boyfriend’s Muslim Parents Won’t Even Look at Me

I had done all this research as to not offend them. I dressed modestly. I had all these expectations that they’d like me and they didn’t even acknowledge I was in the room.

I want to marry a Muslim Man but my Mother has been brainwashed to be anti- Muslim …

She is sadly ignorant because our media portrays “Muslim” in such a way that create fear. I don’t think she will listen to me explain…

Muslim fiance’s family are angry because I’m part Jew

I was not prepared for the backlash from his family.

A non-muslim woman impregnated by a muslim man. Please help.

Now, when I need him the most, he left me, saying that he only wants the child and not me because I am a non-muslim girl.

Being forced to marry someone although I love someone else of another religion

My boyfriend has now offered to take me away with the consent of his parents… I am certain of only one thing. I am against this forced marriage and i still have feelings for my boyfriend.

Marriage with christian?

If my family will not accept Islam then I don’t want to leave them… am I allowed to get second marriage without divorce or consent from my first wife?

Second marriage for both of us… however I’m Christian

I could not bear the possibility of not seeing him again… I don’t accept that we cannot be together…

Want to marry a Muslim man but I’m scared

And if one day he wants me to go to his country how can I protect myself of being treat as a slave and kept there as a prisoner?