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Can a Muslim man marry Christian woman?

I see her occasionally and we still have feelings for each other. She wants to marry me and i want to marry her also but the problem is that she does not want to convert. We are a little older then 20 (cant mention exact age sorry!). Can i marry her like this?

When family has different views; how do I get them to understand?

They do not even give him a chance. It hurts me so much. They do not even know any muslims. I know Islam is a peaceful religion, but the media in the usa makes it seem violent. Any suggestions on how to get through to my family??

Marrying a married man; how to deal with any issues that may arise?

I am a Filipina, Christian Woman, working in Dubai and my fiance’ is a Muslim MARRIED Man. I met his family. His children are all professionals and his wife is good too! He wants us to get married in the Philippines, so he can also meet my family. How are we going to deal with the situation of marrying him knowing that he is MARRIED to another Muslim Woman? I hope you can enlighten me.

Feeling guilty for him for being in a relationship with me outside marriage

I just don’t know what to think of this! I love him and I want to marry him, I know he loves me and wants to marry me, but why am I feeling guilty about him going against what he has believed in for so long? I am going to speak to him today about this, I just wanted to have an opinion outside the box.

Christian woman marrying a Muslim man, role and duties of husband and wife

i am not against it but dont know much about the religion and beliefs. what are your teachings on the roles and duties of a husband and wife? most everything i can find online is only biased christian articles. i want the opinions and beliefs from the source.

His father doesn’t accept me

I don’t want to feel like that but I do and I can’t help it. I know that wives are easy to find and family can’t be replaced but still doesn’t hurt less for knowing it.
Please give me your wise advice, this is making ill and I am Suffering too much.
Thank you for your time.