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Can a Muslim Christian Marriage work?

I love a Christian girl and we both love each other and she is ready to be involved in a relationship regardless of my religion. I have known her for a few years and she is a religious girl

A Non Muslim girl dating a Bengali Muslim boy.

I have been dating my boyfriend for 4 years and recently he has rejoiced islam again which i am happy about. He is praying, fasting for ramadan, eating halal…

I am an atheist but I am willing to convert to marry him

I found this site by recommendation by a muslim friend, and i thought I’d post my question here. The person I’m in love with is muslim, and though I’m rather familiar with the religion I figured i should ask on a muslim site for advice..

Why can’t a Muslim woman marry a Non-Muslim man?

The question that I am asking is one that has bothered me for quite some time now. I would like to know why it is alright for a Muslim man to marry a chaste woman who belongs to the ‘people of the book’, but not alright for a woman to marry a chaste man who belongs to the ‘people of the book’.

Secret marriage between Muslim man and Hindu woman, what should I do?

I’m a divorcee and i met a Muslim guy online 5 years a go and we have fall in love with eachother. We wanted to get married to each other but I was in India and he is from Bangladesh working in UAE. We use to talk everyday and he told me that he will come to meet me and then marry me.

A non-muslim woman, should I marry a muslim man?

hello everybody…my case is very specific and strange 🙂 I’m a young european girl. I met a guy online, one year ago. He is from egypt. i’m an liberal catholic, he is an religous muslim. we started talking every day, and somehow we just clicked, and with time we fell in love with each other…

I am a reverted muslim, how do I approach a muslim girl to marry her?

Salaam alaikum,
I am so much impressed by Islam actually, I understood Islam and I have accepted Islam.

Basically, I was Hindu and as in Hindu granths itself speaks that Prophet Mohammed is the last Messenger of God. I believe that and I have accepted Islam in masjid. Now my question is this

Why do I have to convert to marry a Muslim woman that I am in love with.

I love her children and I understand that they are Muslim. But if I want to marry her, she said I have to convert and become Muslim. If Islam is such a respectful and tolerent Religion then why must I give up my beliefs?

Non muslim confused and lost

I posted on here once before asking for advice on pregnancy. In the end I decided to terminate without my Muslim friends knowledge so he would feel no shame about it. I did not expect things to continue as they have done but we seem to be in a strange sort of relationship which I don’t understand.

New convert to Islam, Struggling with Cultural differences

I am a mid-thirties progressive American woman who never really found religion – until now. I am successful, never married, no children, have a great career and I would consider myself open-minded, strong and independent. At the oddest moment in my life I met a man whom I consider to be my soul mate. We met and had an intense, immediate attraction. Our relationship progressed quickly, he asked me to be his wife, I said yes. He is Tunisian and muslim.