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My Mother-in-law has no respect for boundaries!

My mother in law came out of the house screaming and shouting in the street, telling me all the bad things my husband had done in his life. She then decided to call the police on my husband…she must have claimed he was being violent or something to get them to attend.

I really loved him and was willing to compromise but he divorced me.

He has not until today talked to me or explained any proper reason for divorce. He has just run away and I feel so bad why it happened to me. I have explained to him that I am with him in every decision and this is wrong islamically as we don’t have any valid reason for divorce but he refuses to communicate.

My problem with my wife and her parents.

1 year has been passed of my marriage and God blessed me with His blessings and I have little cute baby girl a while back.

Question 1: I heard that after giving birth to a child, wife should have to stay at her mother’s home for about 40 to 45 days. What does Islam teach us in this regard.

Question 2: Regarding to above question, btw our families there wasn’t any agreement or any notification from my wifes parents that it would be done like that on birth occasion, but now they are forcing me to do that like to complete 45 days at her home.