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Tired of this marriage, I feel like my world is falling apart

He has been in this country for a little over a year and still expects me to drive him to work every day and if I refuse (because it isn’t my responsibility to drive him every day to work), he starts disrespecting me and saying that I will end up in the streets and I am 32 years old (I’m actually 30) and my life is a waste and that he will tell all his relatives against me.

His parents aren’t letting us live separately

I hate the culture I am born in. It’s like a wife is just a servant, a sex toy for her husband but parents are God (Auzubillah), as if everything they say is written in stone and even if it goes against Islam it must be followed. I can’t take this anymore. I’m so shattered. I can’t eat, drink, sleep. I want to make this proposal halal by marrying this man. He was the one I always made duaa for so why are his parents doing this to us?