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I had an adult chat

Informative discussion turned into friendliness, then flirt and closeness.

In Love with a Syrian Al Qaeda Fighter

I was intend to go and get my father’s permission through phone after he realizes I won’t be going home…

Struggling to control my sexual desires

I am into sexting … Many times I thought it is wrong immoral and great sin as I am not bad girl and then I again log in…

I exposed myself online

A person recorded it and threatened to send that clip to all my contacts if I didn’t send him money… I immediately blocked and deleted him. I have been so distressed since that incident…

Crippling loneliness

Salam all.

I’m a 17 year old Muslim girl. I have been going through a very tough time emotionally on and off for many years now. In a few months time, I may be starting proper therapy and/or medication etc for my problems. At the moment, I get counselling at school. Basically, I’m often not in a good place, mentally. Sometimes it makes my life very difficult.
One of the main problems that I have been battling recently is loneliness

In one meeting he made me feel cheap and small

A few weeks ago, I went to see him in a restaurant just to have a chat, that’s all. It started up ok but slowly I found it he was being a bit selfish. At the end, I felt humiliated.

His mother won’t let him marry me but he won’t give up

i met a guy through chat. we used to be friends in the beginning and as time went i felt that it was more than friendship. he also one day told me that he loves me a lot. I thought i had met my soulmate and i was so happy that everything was on its way. one day he called me up and told me that he got engaged before 5 years and he cannot hide this fact no longer from me.

I feel deeply guilty after meeting a boy on the net

I met a guy on the internet and he proposed to me and at first I said yes, but then I felt very guilty for talking to a boy I don’t know, and I am still feeling guilty because I feel that I cheated on my future husband, whoever that might be.