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I do believe in Islam but am considering Christianity for my internet love

I am talking to a guy over the internet right now, he is christian but he doesn’t know I am a Muslim. He just recently told me he wanted to come visit me (we live in different countries) and he was talking about how happy he would be if I could take him sight-seeing!


How can I get over the person I love?

I am a student and liked my senior for two years now. He is 7 years elder than me. We have been friends since two years and have initially talked on chatting and messages. Initially I did not like him but with the passage of time I developed attachment for him. I always prayed whatever is happening in this relationship is ALLAH’s will.

Is my friend getting punishment?

There’s a friend of mine, she has no brother and sisters.. It was getting bored at home for her, so she used pics from internet to act like she’s the real person on the pic, and people start believing it.. she has played with 3 boys heart.. she had an internet relationship with them but not at the same time and it was just for fun and it wasn’t a relationship for her, somehow she ended everything without telling the truth and asked Allah swt forgiveness everytime she reminds her what she had been doing!

Does he want me or a visa?

About 15 months ago I met a charming man from Morocco online. We had so much in common, seemed to get along great & shared a lot of the same values. We discussed everything freely. We were simply comfortable like we were friends our entire life. For me, it seemed like I was in love after our first conversation. We have spoken almost everyday thereafter.

I want to marry him but he says he’s not ready

I am 35yr and was talking to a potential proposal for the last 4 months, without had shown equal interest. He was married before and had a divorce. It was very painful for him. He then asked a common acquaintance to introduce him to someone. Thats how I came in picture. He recently has stopped talking and upon enquiring through e-mail told me that he is not ready yet, his life is a mess and needs fixing and we should go our own way. Its traumatic for me.

I need Islam to rescue me, but my Mother won’t accept me becoming Muslim or my Pakistani Internet love

I am confused about what what to do. I am a weak person and I know that without his help, I could never change myself and guide myself towards islam, since I am dependent on my mother and probably always be. Shall I leave my mother and sister for our ‘relationship?’ If my mother stops our plans of him coming here and then moving to his country Pakistan, I don’t know what to do.

My family won’t accept him, because he’s a European convert Muslim

I got to know a guy through Facebook in November last year. We talked for about two weeks, he seemed perfect even though we had never met and even though we only spoke for about two weeks. I live in Germany and he lives in Switzerland…

My friend is in not happy with his future in-laws as they don’t allow both to talk or see each other.

My friend saw her at a wedding a couple of years ago and wanted to get to know her more, so he messaged her on facebook, at first she was really rude to him since she doesn’t talk to a lot of guys, but after she got to know him they became friends on facebook, for almost 2 years they just talked online and after they started to get emotionally attached (online) my friend told her that he likes her and that he wanted to meet her parents to ask for her hand in marriage and if that would be ok with her? she agreed and she told her mom about my friend, and then her parents invited my friend to their house. Any ways, my friend did an istikhara and it was positive, his parents did istikharas and they were positive and even I did an istikhara for them and it was positive, and to my knowledge we are only supposed to do an istikahra upto 7 times and then trust it and not doubt Allah swt first guidance, why are these people doing it again and again and again for the same thing?

Should he cut off ties with his childhood hurtful friends for me?

Unfortunately, Foogle and his friends were suspicious that Frodo had a love interest and asked him if he was talking to me. He denied it every time. Eventually they found out in July that I was speaking to Frodo through hacking his MSN chats (with me) and keylogging his Facebook login and email. When my sister pretended to be me, his friend swore at me and said “don’t go around posting my address you b****.” They started saying rubbish like “What the f*** do you know about the Quran” and talking rudely about circumcision etc my brother said they said much more WORSE things and he has been very concerned about the type of person Frodo could be if his friends could behave like this.

We both are married but we still love each other and been intimate together. Please help

Until one day, I decided to marry the girl I just met, thinking that the other one is so far from me and long distance relationship most of the time don’t work. Then she couldn’t believe that I got married; she cried I caused her pain which she carried out for years. Even if she really loves me, she doesn’t like to be my second wife. And sometimes she have the guts to ask for a divorce. Until one day, I received a divorce agreement from her family, asking me to sign the papers. Yesterday, she got married and I told her, just pretend that you have your monthly period to avoid having intercourse and tell him that ramadan is also coming. The main purpose is to avoid confusion later on if who’s the father (if she will able to conceive).