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Young maiden unsure of love

Can I trust this man? Is he the one? Or am I just naive?

Friend considering ‘suicide’

Can someone please tell me what to do or how to cope with this? I don’t want to wake up one morning to the news that he has gone ahead with this, if that IS his TRUE intention.

Can I do nikah over the phone or skype?

I am in Canada and she is in Pakistan. I have asked an imam and he said he cannot.

He broke up, but I still want to marry him

I tried to convince him, but he used rough words at me and insulted me, and after that he stopped contacting me. I tried and still I’m trying to contact him, but he does not make any response. I can’t stop thinking about him even though he insulted me, I madly love him yet. I’m trying to forget him but failing to overcome this depression.

I want my pictures back, but how can I do this without contacting him?

I’m a born Muslim. I have never committed a big sin in my past. Actually, I was a nice girl, a muslimah who always preserved herself from doing things which are forbidden in Islam. I strictly kept myself away from my non mahram.

However, something terrible happened since I started chatting with men.

How should I separate haram from halal in my situation?

I am a single mum of two trying to get back on my feet after separating from my husband last year for many reasons. I am currently going through my divorce, english one and had said to myself that never again would I get into another wedlock.

Does he want me or a visa?

About 15 months ago I met a charming man from Morocco online. We had so much in common, seemed to get along great & shared a lot of the same values. We discussed everything freely. We were simply comfortable like we were friends our entire life. For me, it seemed like I was in love after our first conversation. We have spoken almost everyday thereafter.

Parents not agreeing to marriage with a Bengali girl.

24 Tamil guy working in India in love with Bengali . My parents are not agreeing to this marriage due to distance in cities and language problems. Also, girl was in a relationship in the past with her boyfriend for 3 years before she met me.

My Internet boyfriend cheated on me

I am 18. I met my online boyfriend one year ago. He lives in a different country. I knew that he suffers from ataxia and was physically disabled, but I didn’t had any problem with that.

How do I get past my cultural/religious grudges?

I met a Norwegian girl and fell in love. But I don’t know how to get over our cultural clashes, and the fact that she is not Muslim, and is Norwegian. I feel lost and need help figuring things out.