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Istikhara dream for love life

I saw three dreams. One about a gift, one in which my crush winked at me, and one where my uncle came to visit. What do they mean?

Need a better understanding of this verse…

I need better explanation like if some spouse is in adulterous relationship than can we assume that other spouse too might be adulterous ?

What is the meaning of his Istikhara?

I have a male friend who proposed to me and I asked him to do Istikhara before further happenings.

Interpretation of my dream

I saw a dream in which I saw that I am on sky and I have to come to earth just as birds fly in the sky coming down to earth but I find it too far away. I fear that something might happen while coming down toward earth; then I saw that I somehow successfully landed on earth and some other stuff happened.

Istikara – if not dreams then what?

If istikara has nothing to do with dreams then what are we supposed to expect in order to see if the reason we are doing Istikara is good or bad? In what way are we supposed to get a sign from Allah to let us know whether this thing we are praying for, is beneficial for us or not?

What does my marriage istikhara mean?

I’m 17 (almost 18) and have been dating a 19 (soon to be 20) year old for just over a year now. I love him unconditionally, and feel he’s the one. We realize it’s wrong to date and have always had the intention of getting married, however cause I’m still in full time education we hadn’t spoken to our parents about getting married.

What is the rationale behind this hadith?

One of my friends was recently told about an incident in the life of Prophet (pbuh) by his father following a dispute. He was told that once, a man came to the Prophet (pbuh).

Praying Gives Me Nightmares


A few years before I got married I was not very religious and did not pray all the time. However, when I met my husband and then the years before he became my husband he encouraged me to follow my religion on a more regular basis alhamdAllah.

Wants interpretation of istikhaara dream

I love one of my friend.. I don´t know whether he loves me or not but we are very good friends, he knows I love him. I did isthekhara for him and the dream was:

I dreamt that I was made the King of my town

Some time I dreamed that I was made a king in my town and some times I see myself as a prince in my dream given other to people.