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Marriage Istikhara

I saw good things… my mother saw some good and bad things… another member in my family saw some good and some bad things – what should I do?


What does it mean if the answer in a istikhara is “behter”? Nazmeen


I am a girl who has been doing istikhara along with my mother from over a week now. It is for my current proposal…

Strange dream following Istikhara for starting a business

My mother saw a full pack of sweet rusk in her dream when she did a Isthakara for me.

He changed his mind after reading Istikhara & receiving my reaction

I met a good brother, we developed a friendship and we try to keep it halal, but I find myself growing emotionally attached to him. I asked him if he is looking to marry me, and he did ask me to marry him, but since then it has all gone downhill and I’m confused.