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His parents won’t let him marry me

He can’t marry me unless he marries who his parents want and then marries me. I told him it does not work like that!

I want to marry my other half but his family won’t accept

His sister told me she and her family would spit on me and would never accept me because of the different culture.

Arab interracial marriage

I truly love him very much, the problem is that he is an arab from a different country.

My dad won’t let me marry him just because he is pakistani.

Will Allah punish me for marrying the pakistani as it will lead to my dad cutting ties with me?

My parents happiness or mine?

I have gone through so much verbal abuse being called a whore by everyone in my family and told I was better off dead since I wouldn’t disgrace my family then.

My parents are racist and won’t let me marry who I want. Please help me.

I don’t know how to approach my parents, they will kill me, they will threaten me and tell me I have brought shame on the family.

Finding Islam… can we still be together?

I have not reverted yet but everyday I ask Allah for forgiveness for my sins, but is it still permissible for us to marry even after being in a relationship?

The woman I love is being forced into another marriage

She and her family ended up going to Pakistan under the cover it was a “vacation”, it mutated into a forced marriage trap that has caused stress and depression for everyone.

Dream about him in Istikharah but still in forbidden love

Before I started the relationship with him, I did my Istikharah several times, and I have dreamed about him twice. But now we need to be separated because of his parents.

I want to restore my family’s honor… But should I tell him about my past?

He knows I am divorced that’s all. I am very fearful of telling him that I was married to a white man. I feel my past will never leave me alone.