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Islamic marriage between a Libyan girl and an American man

We have been talking about a future and marriage. But she is Libyan, and when she spoke about marrying a non Libyan to her mother, she was told that’s not what full Libyans do.

Can we get married?

I have a Pakistani Muslim boyfriend. We love each other and we want to get married. I was wondering if I will go there to marry him or he can go here to marry me.

How can we persuade my parents to let us marry?

I’m serious about him but I am 16 and he is 19… But we are talking about future tense.

Black revert looking to marry Pakistani Muslimah

Is this allowed in Islam? She is worried about her parents accepting me because of my skin colour.

Muslim guy want to marry a Christian but parents won’t allow

She is ready to follow Islam and our children will follow Islam too.

How to tell my father that I’ve met someone?

I’m aware that interracial marriages are accepted in Islam, as long as both are devout Muslims. He is such a polite and devout Muslim, it would be a shame if my parents turned him down because of where he comes from.

Interracial and Interfaith marriage

He is now asking me to marry him. I’m thinking about how it will become in terms of raising our children – should we follow the rules of Islam that the kids should be a Muslim also?

His parents won’t let him marry me

Both his parents are rejecting it due to the fact that I am not Pakistani. His mother’s reasons are that she doesn’t believe I will understand their culture and she feels as though she won’t be able to connect and communicate with me. I know what will be expected of me as a daughter in law, and I am willing to do it all.

is there a problem with Pakistani and Bengali getting married (both Muslim)

I am 21, lived in London all my life and from a Muslim society. I’ve never been in a relationship, I have been on one date with 1 guy in my life (for my father wish) but I wasn’t interested so I didn’t take it further…

How can I get my father to accept our marriage?

I am a 21 year old girl who wants to get married to someone I’ve been with for nearly 3 years.

The problem is I’m Pakistani and he is Bengali, and because of this my parents aren’t accepting.