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In need of relationship advice

My boyfriend’s family hates me.

Finding Islam… can we still be together?

I have not reverted yet but everyday I ask Allah for forgiveness for my sins, but is it still permissible for us to marry even after being in a relationship?

Is it ok for a British born Pakistani man to date a white girl?

He said I’d be a secret and he wouldn’t tell his parents until it was ‘more serious’. Would it be allowed if he just told them about me? Its not like they have to meet me or anything.

Colorblind love – MUST he convert?

This boy is pure of heart and a very, very smart person. He said he would go to the mosque with my dad and live in the Muslim culture but won’t be able to covert to Islam.

I’m 18, in love with a non-Muslim black man but scared of my family

I’m an 18 year old South Asian girl in love with a non-Muslim black man (he is atheist). He makes me very happy. But I’m scared of what my family and relatives will say.

How can I get my father to accept our marriage?

I am a 21 year old girl who wants to get married to someone I’ve been with for nearly 3 years.

The problem is I’m Pakistani and he is Bengali, and because of this my parents aren’t accepting.

His mother likes me as a person but won’t accept me as a wife on the grounds of race

I’ve known my current boyfriend for more than a year now. We met while on vacation in New Zealand and were almost immediately attracted to each other. He is British born and bred, but of Pakistani origin. On the other hand, I’m half Indonesian and half Chinese, and have lived in Singapore and Australia.

Muslim revert in love with Pakistani Muslim, do I have a chance?

Salaam all, I am a revert to Islam, and have been for the past 2 years 🙂 I am still learning so much, and everyday I am inspired more and more. I have recently met a guy that encompasses all that I want from a good muslim husband. But he is Pakistani and I am white…

I want to marry a Bengali man

I am in love with a Bengali man and we want to marry once his studies for his masters are finished. The problem being I am not Bengali. I am a white British Muslim woman he is US Bengali. He comes from a lovely family but his father is very traditional and says that as we are from different cultures this cannot happen

We’re in love, but her family won’t accept me because I’m not Indian?

My love and I met online, and we have been communicating for quite a while now. Her father and mother both refuse to even speak with me, verbally, or by email, or any other means. They told her it’s out of the question, and they are bringing a guy from the USA to her in August to meet up with and I’m so afraid they’ll force her to marry him.