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Invalid marriage?

My parents do not know I married and my walee was my husband’s relative. My husband says he was forced in this marriage.

Cannot forgive myself

Things led to zina… I cannot forgive myself for being so weak.

Invalid Nikah – How do I end this relationship?

My husband and his family are not good people. I have come to the decision that I don’t want to continue my relationship with him. I’ve been told my marriage is invalid. What are the means of a separation?

My Muslim boyfriend loves me, but left me

He started thinking about things differently and in a more serious light, and he admitted that his family and his religion may not accept us in the future when we would want to get married. Consequently, he went to go and see someone at his local mosque to ask them about the situation.The man told my boyfriend that it would not be acceptable and our marriage would not be valid. He asked if I would convert, but that is not an option as I believe in Jesus being the son of God etc.

How can I legalize my secret marriage?

I am a hanaf’i guy and I married a hanafi girl. The marriage took place without the knowledge of the walis of both parties.

Is a marriage that has never been consummated a valid one?

My friend has been having trouble with her marriage and basically came to me for some moral support. During the conversation she let slip that her husband and her had never consummated their marriage.

Is my marriage of four years invalid?

After converting to Islam I rushed into a marriage with an Algerian brother. We divorced shortly afterwards, and assured me the divorce paperwork had been filed and finalized in Algeria. Then I married my current husband and have been married for four years. I just found out that the Algerian brother never filed the divorce paperwork.