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I saw a girl I really want to marry without a headscarf

Is it still permissible for me to marry her?

Temporary Marriage

If both girl and boy love each other and want sex, can they marry each other for that much time till they are together and then give talaak to each other?

Can I do istekhara to marry someone after my khula and iddat while I am in a process of taking khula?

Is it permissible?

Is my brother all Cousin are his Milk Sister? Can he Marry One who was not born at that time?

Can I marry to my cousin who is 14 month elder than me and my brother marry younger sister?

Marriage decided by parents

What would be the law if he goes against the parent’s wishes? Is it a great sin?

Can a divorced women marry brother of her Ex Husband?

I heard of such incident so I want to know the fact.

Calling fiancé via web cam

My fiancé and I live in different parts of the world. Our situation makes it hard to meet.

Can I talk with my fiancé?

Can I speak to him on mobile with the prior permission of our parents?