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I am in a very critical situation

In love with a Muslim girl, together for too long but committed sins and want repentance and a solution?

A Valid Marriage?

I fear my father would kill me or disown me and make all my family disown me.

Will I be forgiven by my husband for the sin of intimacy with my lover before marriage?

If this marriage is stopped… then my parents can’t bear that shame. I sacrificed my love for the sake of my parents reputation and happiness. I dont want that to go in vain.

Does it come under zina?

Am I equally responsible for committing zina? But it happened without my willingness yet I didn’t stop him too..

Male friend hugged me on an outing – Scared that my family should not know

I was like I need warm hug. Suddenly he stopped and gave me hug, it wasn’t even a hug just maybe put his arm around my neck and brought it close.

Does a hug or a kiss come under zina?

My mother wants to get me engaged to my cousin even his mother wants us both to get engaged in future. I really love him and he do really love me truly too. Is this a sin that we are doing by hugging each other while we are true with each other?