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Halal or Haram? Divorce and Remarry issue.

I’ll be rukhsat in the end of December and I’m still confused is our nikah valid? i’m scared of losing him.

Secretly married…

We did nikkah in presence of a wali and two male witnesses but I do still have doubts.

Is my nikah valid?

He went prison, got another girlfriend. I do not wish to be with him and want to move on with my life but he is using this against me and manipulating me.

In a complicated marriage

I’d like to ask if my marriage to my husband is valid.

Is my nikah still valid?

My husband took me abroad and forced me to read nikah to his brother so I could bring him over.

Is nikah valid if you don’t know about pregnancy?

I had sex with her couple of nights before and on our wedding night as well but we both are not sure when did the pregnancy take place.

Confused about my nikah

I agreed to sending and receiving naked pictures of my fiance. We got married then with proper nikah. Is my nikah valid?