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Is emotional love Halal in Islam?

Is it emotional love, and is it haram in Islam?

Is this PITY or LOVE? ISTIKHARA or SHAYTAN? I’m confused..

Am I destined not to feel LOVE for the rest of my life? Or is this actually LOVE? Should I continue my life like this?

Need urgent help for my engaged life!

I am with him and I tell him I love him but I myself do not know that I mean it or not… I am not sure about him sometimes I feel I love him and the other I completely hate him.

Should I leave this relationship?

I’ve realized he hasn’t changed… I don’t know what to do, he made me so weak I’m unable to take decision that what should I do?

Desperate need of help

Now after being together for 12 years and on a long distance relation, I came to know, he has no such feelings for me. He says he loves me and wants my happiness, on the other hand, he has no interest in me.