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Invalid marriage?

My parents do not know I married and my walee was my husband’s relative. My husband says he was forced in this marriage.

Is this nikkah valid?

He said he has no love for me and does not want to live with me but “I will not divorce you, you can get it through court”.

Marriage After Kissing?

They got married without repentance to Allah. Is this marriage valid or not?

Depressed and confused about this relationship

I got married because of staying away from sin. Before marriage all the time he forced me for physical relation… I can’t accept him from heart.

How can we have a proper nikah?

We took each other as husband and wife. But still I feel guilty for not having proper nikah.

Very unhappy about my marriage

I’m in a very difficult situation and have no idea what to do, or what’s right and what’s wrong…

Wali cannot attend nikah in person – can we still go ahead?

My father or my brother cannot come to be my wali. My father gave consent to nikah and would write authorisation letter. Will this be valid?

He did a fake conversion to marry me

I love a Christian man who is not ready to convert to Islam and marry me. I told him to convert just on paper in the court and remain a Christian at heart. I thought one day he would be open to Islam, looking at me pray and practice Islam