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Is the Nikka Valid?

It was under false intentions. Also, he never paid the mahr.

Is this nikah valid?

My friend signed nikah contract unwillingly. Her family tricked her into this marriage.

My girlfriend’s parents don’t want us to get married

But we both want to marry each other only…. She can marry me without her parents permission.

In this case, is a secret nikah valid?

If he reveals his Nikkah in the country, his own sister’s and niece’s marriages will be in danger. But he is ready to repeat nikah with witness once both will reach in third country.

Is this proposal for nikah halal valid?

He proposed marriage, I accept, thinking would be a second wife, but he answered that in his country polygamy is not permitted, asked me to be his nikah halal, wants to keep it a secret.

I want ask a question about my secret nikkah

Is my nikkah valid and genuine? As my mother wants me to get married with someone else. My boyfriend did nikkah just to get rid of the sins and won’t do it legally.