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Should a son always be near his elderly parents, or are there exceptions?

She wants them to move near her mother, while he wants to stay close to his parents. Which is more Islamically correct?

What is a woman’s inheritance?

What is the rightful inheritance of women in her fathers property if she is not married ?

What is the correct ‘custom’ for marrying a Muslim who is divorced?

I do realise that Islamic Law is very complicated to understand but I am trying to find what is the correct procedure. Does he need his ex-wife’s permission?

How to divorce a non-Muslim wife?

What if the guy does not want to continue the marriage anymore? Is it valid if he pronounce talaq to his non-Muslim wife? how to deal with it in a country that doesn’t allow divorce? does it goes under the Islamic law, or the civil law?

Marrying a divorcee

I’ve known of a guy most my life through family relation.. So our families had limited contact in years, and he married when we was young through family arrangments. After a year and half of his relation, his wife gave divorce notice through a islamic body and papers were sent to him, he did not respond so they asssumed the marriage was ended. So firstly I want to know if it is a proper divorce, as he says he has no kinds of feelings but he does not have a divorce certificate as such.

I’m a Christian woman marrying a Muslim man. Do I need to wear veil?

I’m a Christian woman married with a muslim man.
He told me that according to the Islam Law I have to wear the veil. I knew that being a christian I am not obligated to wear the veil…

Mother in law spent the inheritance and claims for money monthly.

what is the law in Islam, when a wife ( a mother in law) took all the wealth of her deceased husband, and leave only little ( about 5%) to her seven sons. She spent the money on clothes, jewellaries…

Non muslim girl with a muslim boy

I met an amazing guy over a year and a half ago. For the first 6 months we were just friends. We were living in different countries. He knew I really admired him but I didn’t know he felt the same. He came to the country I was living in for a holiday to tell me how he felt and we became a couple. He is a muslim and I am a non-practicing christian.
The first 6 months of our relationship was spent apart. We spoke alot about religion and how he was slowly getting back in touch with Islam after 28 years of rebelling against it.