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In need of help

My tutor has a daughter and we are of like the same age. She is a nice girl but I wanna stay away from her.

One lost unhappy soul

I am separated from the man I married… I gave two of my children to him that he takes care of and the youngest one lives with me…

Talking to fiance

From past few days he is saying that he loves me… I want to know what is haram and halal talk.

My boyfriend kissed my neck and I FEEL SO GUILTY

I don’t want to lose him but at the same time I don’t want to do something like this again.

Family issue – concerned about inappropriate behavior

I am not able to cope with this event. I am very disturbed and angry about their way of thinking.

What should I do with my hijab?

I am the only one in my family doing hijab. When non-mahram relatives visit, if I don’t greet them they think I am disrespecting them or insulting them.

How should I interact with my sister in law?

What should be the boundaries between me and my sister in law?

How do I tell him that it is non-Islamic to send these messages before marriage?

After engagement I start talking to him on facebook. Now he started sending me red roses which is unislamic to send such kind of things before marriage.

Trapped in my own thoughts

Was it my mistake as I wanted to be in limits… maybe I didn’t give the guy what he wanted? I just hang out with girls, so was not hanging out with this guy the reason he left me?

Is this acceptable? Can my repentence be accepted?

We both make dua for marriage and his mom does too… I already asked many people and they said it was okay to stay friends if we don’t flirt or talk about anything bad or be alone or do any of the haram things…?