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Marriage of an Infertile Man

I come to know that as per medical science I will never be able to be a father.
Now I want to get married. My question is, Should I tell the women before marriage that I’m a infertile? Want to know as per Quran & Hadith.

Can a muslim girl be the sister of a non Muslim boy?

now we have got a problem in our relation that her female cousins get jealous from our relation and they taunt her and tease her and say her that a non Muslim can not be your brother. you have gone mad and our religion does not allow us to make an Hindu your brother.

Want to marry a paralysed man but family is against my decision

i want to marry a man who is paralyzed and my family is against my decision .. but i dont want to marry any other guy.. can u please tell me .. that am i doing something wrong? or its against Islam to marry a paralyzed person ..??? i just want to know ur answer . and wanted to know it as soon as possible .

Can I marry another woman Islamically while going through civil court divorce?

I have given talaaq to my wife, her 3 month iddat is complete, and we are still going through our civil court divorce. Can i marry another woman islamically while the civil court divorce is still going through?

Is it sinful for him to not speak to his parents and marry me without their consent?

The brother I wish to marry (I have the consent of my parents) does not speak to his parents. He has tried on several occasions to make contact and visit them. His mother has tried to ban the rest of the family from speaking to him. The reason being he has moved out of the house and lives alone after years of his mother treating him in a way no son should be treated.

In-laws rights over daughter-in-law in Islam?

Reading and hearing and learning most of the duties of women I came to understand that its a son’s duty to look after his parents and not his wife’s, and if she is doing it, its out of her kindness. Also that a women’s duty is not to cook and wash always. So I don’t personally think Allah will ask only about your in-laws.

Guilt, depression and shame! Should we keep the child or abort it?

The dilemma I am in now is whether to keep the baby or to abort. If I keep the baby, then I would have to tell my family about the whole thing and thus will disappoint my parents, as I am about to finish of my degree in another country.

Suckling wife’s breat milk, halal or haram?

I like to suck/drink my wife’s breast milk is it allowed in Islam, please write is that ‘halal or haram’ ” i love my wife ” please respond .

Seeing Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) in a Dream.

i had a dream by where i see an a man in white clothing with a huge amount of light comming from him looking at me walking it was litereally felt like it lasted just a few seconds but as soon as i saw this person the words “THIS IS THE PROPHET MOHAMMED”

Sex Before Marriage in Islam

I have been seeing a guy for a few months and his mom knows. We love each other very much, dare I say we’re attached; we have had sex once but we plan to get married insha’allah. Is this still haraam?