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Separated for 3 years, can I marry a Muslim man now?

I recently embraced islam for about 2 years, and living in U.A.E for almost 3 years and legally married in Frankfurt Germany. Since I am separated from a Christian man for almost 3 years, am I entitled to get married if only ALLAH will allow me to meet the right man?

Is he allowed to keep me as wife for the sake of our child or should I ask for divorce?

Is it allowed for him in islam to keep me as his wife only because of her son? And since this is his reason, does it mean that in Islam I am not married to him only in papers? And if I am still his valid wife in Islamic religion what are my rights as a wife? Finally should I get a divorce or will I be punished by Allah for leaving my son?

Is sperm donation to infertile relative allowed in Islam?

I am really willing to help, I am willing to donate and let my brother enjoy the fatherhood as I am enjoying mine now. But I am afraid of Allah’s punishment if I am doing a wrong thing. Please, guide me through, this is really bothering me.

Getting divorce will displease mother and relatives; will it displease Allah as well?

The main problem is if we have a divorce will it be displeasing to Allah (swt)? I am not the most religious of people but I put all my trust in Allah and put my relationship with Allah before all other relationships.

I want to marry my Hindu girlfriend; Is it permissible?

she is ready to read Quran along with me, pray salah, and keep fasts. I want to marry her; what am I supposed to do now? Can I marry her? Is it permissible? If I don’t marry then I will be bearing the sin of spoiling her life. Am I allowed to marry her?

I will marry a non-Muslim as I can’t help; is it right to choose him as a life partner?

I am an 18 year old Muslim girl. I am into a relationship with a non-Muslim for the past 6 years. I know that my parents will never give their consent, but I cannot help. I will marry him only. His family has accepted me, and the best part is that I will be continuing my religion, my beliefs without any restrictions.

Remarrying but no divorce papers from previous marriage

She wants to remarry now but ex husband won’t produce taliq papers. He has married again after divorcing my friend, and divorced his second wife and now he married 3rd time.

Infidelity of spouse; should I carry on with a spouse who doesn’t even love me?

I seeks your advise that what Islam says about this condition where a woman is legally married to man but still is not faithful to him at heart. Is it wise to carry forward this type of relation where one person is bearing other just because of fear of society and relatives, while being unfaithful to him at heart?

Transgender and wondering about some questions! Please help!

I’m so so scared to be haram, I don’t want Allah’s anger to be upon me, so please answer me? I need answers to those questions, and please, have some reference or some knowledge behind them so I could convince AT LEAST my friends -who also don’t believe that such a thing exists.

Is doing Nikkah with same person twice allowed in Islam?

I have decided to marry my boyfriend first without my parents knowing anything about it and then marry the same guy again later, with their consent. I want to know if I can do so, because I know that keeping a relationship would lead to committing a lot of sins. We really love each other and want to spend all our life together.