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My husband wants divorce but won’t give me talak?

I want to know what are my rights if the husband refuses to verbally give the talak. I am unable to contact him and he has now moved away.

I don’t think this marriage is valid

I was a new convert to Islam and I trusted my husband too much and now I see how I foolishly gave up all my Islamic rights to him due to ignorance, cultural values and misguide.

Christian Girl pregnant by a Muslim man, what to do?

We speak on the phone, but anytime I ask what is the right thing to do he gets angry and asks why I didn’t abort the child. He hasn’t helped with the pregnancy at all, and I’ve been doing everything on my own with a child already.

Husband’s inappropriate behavior; what are my rights in Islam as a wife?

My question to you is do I have rights to speak Islamically in this situation? Am I being unreasonable or unjust in my feelings regarding this situation? I am so confused and frustrated with this whole situation, I don’t know how to proceed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

My husband is only concerned about his rights

I love my husband but he is unjust. He does not acknowledge my Islamic rights and is threatening me with divorce. I am tired of this unfair attitude but I am hoping he will change.