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Should I go with istikhara or my feelings?

Every time the same answer comes but I am not satisfied with it.

Confused with the reply

Should I ask her family to do istikhara again?

To Know Whether to Continue Marriage After Istikhara

My first istikharah reassured me to still keep my husband, but what were shown to me in real life were another zina…


What does it mean if the answer in a istikhara is “behter”? Nazmeen

I want to marry him but everything is against us

I had a sinful relationship for three years. Now I want to marry him, but everything is going wrong.

We did Istikhara and our answers are not the same

i met this guy and we are serious about marriage however we both did isithkara and our answers are not same. I am wondering what to do in this situation. My answer is not in favor of the marriage but his is.