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I had a black braid in my dream…should I give up?

Does this mean I should forget about marrying him?

Istikhara, should I rely on dreams or not?

After Istikhara, I have this feeling that I should not think about the dreams and just rely on Allah. But I’m still confused.

Marriage proposal – I don’t want to marry him!

My father has asked me to marry his sister’s son…

Need to consult istikhara result for better understanding

Is my positive feeling asking me to do a case, or bad dreams telling me not to do it?

Dream about him in Istikharah but still in forbidden love

Before I started the relationship with him, I did my Istikharah several times, and I have dreamed about him twice. But now we need to be separated because of his parents.

Istikhara interpretation

Can you help me interpret this all… coz I’m still confused as to what next to do.


I am a girl who has been doing istikhara along with my mother from over a week now. It is for my current proposal…

We want to marry but his family do not agree

I pray I do marry him because I really do care for him.

Istekhara dream interpretation

Is it a positive or a negative for us? We are good for each other or not?

My mother got a negative isteqara for me but I didn’t

There is nothing negative against the guy except for the isteqara dreams. My mother is pretty adamant because going for this guy is going against Allah’s will and nothing good can ever come out of it.