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My Istikhara came out as “yes,” but I don’t like him!

Allah told me that this is the right decision for me, but how will I spend my whole life with him?

Istikhara, should I rely on dreams or not?

After Istikhara, I have this feeling that I should not think about the dreams and just rely on Allah. But I’m still confused.

I saw examples from the Quran as a result of my Istikhara

I did Istikhara and saw some signs…one an example from the Quran and one a vision of a person asking me to read a Surah. What does this mean?

After he prays Istikhara, she appears sick in his dreams

The guy keeps doing Istikhara and he says he dreams about the girl being in pain, trouble or either really sick.

Is this a sign from Allah that we shouldn’t marry?

Should I take my mother’s hesitance and disapproval as a sign from Allah and the answer to my Istikhara?

Still praying Istikhara after getting the “result”

I really like the brother’s character and it is everything I wish for in a spouse. However, I was not attracted by his appearance.

Choosing between two people: Istikhara

I actually have attempted it by mentioning both names ….is this the correct way to do it?

Istikhara said yes but I don’t want to marry him

My family is pressurising me to say yes. They are telling me that you won’t find anyone else and it’s better that you marry him because no one would marry you.

Confused about her istikhara result

Recently she said she did istikhara about us and the result she got is that she needs to wait for the right time and the right person….. I’m so confused and think she’s trying to scare me away.


What does it mean if the answer in a istikhara is “behter”? Nazmeen