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Istikhara dream for love life

I saw three dreams. One about a gift, one in which my crush winked at me, and one where my uncle came to visit. What do they mean?

Shia Father Refuses to Get Me Married to a Sunni

Guy’s family is constantly saying that when will you come as it’s 6 months period now. What am i suppose to do ? i will not marry any shia at any cost. plus i want to marry as soon as possible because i’m already in my late 25.

They brought me a proposal, then withdrew it saying an Istikharah turned out negative

I am muslim female looking to get married sometime soon. Cutting the long story short; I recently got a proposal and I really liked the guy. The guys family all really liked me so they gave the proposal. His family said that he liked me and I was the first girl he agreed to.