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Evil inside family and related

After two days spending at their house my cousin curse me that I could go to jail…

Why did my husband hurt my children and I so much?

Flash forward to this past week, I found chat logs between 1200 individual women over the past year. All of them sexual. Some of them asking for marriage and relationships. Some of them with underage girls. Video chats, pictures, graphic details. He never tells the women he is married and has a family. He pretends to be single. I confronted him, he became physical, I called the police. He is in jail.

Hurting and forced to accept things in my married life

I am married for 2 years already. As I had mention on my earlier post I got married to my husband without knowing that he is married. After our wedding few weeks later I learned about his marriage, but he kept me on dark side for so long

He is out from jail and wants me back.

asak. My husband doesn´t earn and he is an alcoholic, I have 2yrs old daughter…my parents wants me to get divorced but i love my husband a lot…I´ m living separately from my husband since 1 year..i’ve filed case against him and he was arrested for the same and he was in jail for 3 months…

Now he is out and …

I’m giving up almost everything for him, it’s never enough

I am born and raised christian and alhamdulila I´m Muslim now and with the influence of my husband and I am very much happy and contented with Islam. But one thing is bothering me if my husband is acting islamically or not.

My husband has been incarcerated for 14 years, I can’t wait anymore

My husband has been incarcerated for over 14 yrs now and I find myself needing him intimately more than ever. i am struggling with my inner body to not cheat but as a woman i am needing intimacy more than ever. what do i do i dont want to divorce him and we don’t know for sure how much longer he has. i don’t want to commit sins either. inshallah someone help me!

He’s incarcerated, but I feel as though he was made for me

I met this guy who is currently incarcerated. However I feel as though he was created for me. He has brought me ten times closer to Allah and I am ready to marry him. What should I do?