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Will Allah be happy with us for our sacrifice?

I like to know that, whether Allah will be happy for our sacrifice. I love a girl and she loves me too. WE prayed to Allah more then a year and also did lots of umrah and also prayed in the place of Dua in Kaaba. She said her wish to her parent and said she asked allah only for him and allah knows her heart. But father does not accept it because of status and society.

I am confused and depressed, will my baby go to Jannah?

Then we have along relationship to get to know each other then again he proposed to me that time finished my coursed in Al Dawah Center so i decided to marry him.But i dont know if my marriage is halal …

Shocking divorce after miscarriage, will I meet my unborn baby in Jannah?

I married to a doctor who was out of family. He divorced me just after my 5 week abortion. I am really going through a great trauma and yet unable to forget my past. I do not know whether Allah almighty has punished me or made me free of exhusband. I am unable to accept reality…

Will Allah permit a man to reject hoor al ayn?

Please do not cite Hadiths about the virility and sexual capabilities of men in Jannah, as I have read them all and have experienced a loss of iman. It has been five years since I came across this topic, and have been extremely hurt by it. It sounds stupid, i know, but throughout my life, I depended and turned to Allah s.w.t. I never knew I would have an amazing, loving husband as I do now, but I always knew that human beings are unfaithful..