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I feel deceived after knowing the truth; I should not have married my husband until I was sure.

A few months later I asked him are you married he said yes I was furious and he had 2 children.I had great feelings for him and forgave him for this. I was dressed to go out the door and he sat me down and showed me another divorce paper where he was engaged and married a woman whom he never lived with she with her family and him with his family; he said she asked me for a divorce. I wish I had finished reading the whole thing but when I saw her words I love you and he responded I love you more and more I was furious again. I ask myself is this the way he will handle me in our marriage?

My sister in law and my husband, rumours in my family

While my brother was away one day my husband was showering when my little girl gave me his mobile phone. I looked through and found a odd message it was a man’s name when I checked the number I recognised it as my sister-in-law’s.

Jealous of his past and his present

I tried so much to control my jealousy, but it always comes up in any form.

In love with a guy who I want to marry but he is delaying marriage.

I have been in a relationship with a guy for 2 years before I became more practicing. I want to get married to him but he is delaying marriage because he wants to be financially stable and mature first before marriage. Also, I have been trying to get him to practice religion and learn about Islam but he doesn’t understand and we end up arguing and these arguments are getting bigger and bigger. We argue on very little things and often I feel unhappy, lonely and sad and have no one to tell as my parents are not aware of my relationship.