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17 years old and disgusted with myself, how to return to the light?

I am lost, i need to find a path back into the light. I want to feel reborn and reconnect with God as I once did when i visited Mecca.

Jealous friends

I want to be friends with the people who are wealthy like me cause I don’t find them unhappy at other’s blessings. Wouldn’t it be counted as proud that I’m leaving my old friends and befriending with the wealthy ones?

Ex situation and jealousy of his new gf

There is a huge difference between my ex and my soon to be husband. I can clearly tell who respects me more. I dont know why i get jealous of his gf still.

How can I stop being so distressed about his past? I want to marry him.

When he was 14 he had a short relationship with a girl, they didn’t have sex but they have kissed… I want to be the best for my husband but it feels like some other girl has taken that away from me and he won’t feel all that with me.

I’m too possessive of my best friend

Sometimes I dream about her sexually. I feel like maybe this is because I was raped by my mom’s younger brother (my uncle) while my parents were busy in their own fights. He used me because no one was watching the kids. So I don’t want to be married.

Why does she hate me?

She made many changes to accommodate married life yet these issues seem to be destroying our relationship.

My father has problems with suspicion

The main issue that I need advice on is that despite all that my mother does for my father and grandparents, my father has these random bouts of paranoia. He starts imagining that my mother is talking to other men or she is flirting with other men.

Insecure and suspicious husband wants divorce

He is considering divorce. I have no idea what to do; maybe it is a punishment for the relationship I had with him prior to marriage. It will devastate my parents as they are really happy.

I think my husband is cheating on me, what should I do?

I had an email account that he was talking to girls about his sexual desire and dreams. I have noticed he watches a lot of porn and tells me there is nothing wrong with that. So now a lot of things go in my mind like, did he use an escort service, does he do it online on porn sites, and a lot of other stuff. Of course he denies it all and swears that he has done nothing wrong.

My husband does everything for his brother’s wife

am starting to feel like his sister-in-law doesn’t respect our marriage and she feels it’s ok to have my husband out at 1 am with her kids and her doing grocery shopping while I am alone at home and her husband is at his business which is open 24 hours. I don’t understand why she would not tell my husband it’s ok that she can do groceries with her husband the following day?