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I cannot decide how best to pursue my writing career

Freelancing is stressful because the availability of jobs is not consistent, but I cannot commit to switching jobs. I prayed Salat-al-Istikhara already.

Istikhara Dream Interpretation

I did istikhara and had a vivid dream.

Halal Job?

Are these jobs halal?

Help regarding making a decision to get married

I find that every time we try to move forward, we take a hundred steps back.

Should I leave my good job / life for full-time Quran studies?

I may come back to nothing… On other hand, if I don’t take up the opportunity to study now I may regret deeply.

Should I change my job?

I want to know whether changing my job would be good for me or not.

Alone and don’t know what to do

I know the purpose of life is to worship Allah SWT, and I do my prayers. But i dont know where is my rizq, where i should live, how and what should i do.

Employment worries

Every time he applies for a job, after the final interview, he gets rejected… We are very much worried now due to our financial condition.

Difficulty in getting job

Please help me with a proper dua for me to get this job as soon as possible.

My dad molested me again

For a while everything was fine, but something happened today. I was at home as today was my day off, and my dad came behind me and he licked me on my neck. I feel sick- so sick and disgusted and I couldn’t do anything about it. I just ran upstairs and I just feel sick. I can’t believe it, I feel like I am back to square one. I thought (I don’t know why) everything will be good now. That somehow nothing bad will happen, and that maybe since it hasn’t happened since he came, maybe he has changed.