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Dua to get contract

Can you please tell me dua so I can get contract to launch my business with respect and a dua so that I get no problems anymore.

Am I wrong to reject a proposal based on what the man does for a living?

I am a 28yr old girl, single. In my student life I didn’t get into any relationship with any guy (even though I had people who were interested in me) because I know it is forbidden. Friends all around me got into such forbidden relations & are now married.

People say hurtful things because I am Muslim

I have been wearing hijab for quite some time now & I really love it, but for a few months I am facing a lot of marital problems due to which I have to find a job to support my 3 children and myself.

Should I make dua for the man I love to be my husband?

am 21 year old Muslim girl who is in love with a Muslim boy. He loves me too but he is not financially in a position to marry me yet because he doesn’t have a proper job. We don’t meet but we do talk and text each other. I am hoping that he gets a job as soon as possible Insha Allah. Until then, is it allowed for me to pray to Allah (swt) that HE make our path easier for us both to get married in near future? Is it haraam if I ask for him in my duaas?

My father cannot find a job and the businesses he starts keep failing

I am really in need of help. Me and my family have lived 13 years in dubai and now were back in pakistan. My father has lived 23 years in dubai. There is a bit problem with my fathers job situations. It’s been 4 years we are in pakistan and my father has no job yet..

I am not Muslim but want a dua for getting a good job

Friends I am a non muslim. But I believe in power of dua. I am searching for some good job better than my qualifications.
Please let me know if some one can suggest me some thing.

Her father won’t accept me because we dated

I’m 19 and don’t know what to do. Well you see my girl friend’s father found out we were dating (my girlfriend is 18) and after he hit her all over with a stick. He called me to his house and talked me, he told me what we were doing is haraam (which is 100 percent).

My father does not work

My father is not doing anything from last 5 years and I dont have elder brother. After my completion of graduation, I started doing job but the salary which I earn is not sufficient. I want my father to do the job.

Only enough money for bread and butter, can I get married?

Is it ok to get married if you if you’re professional not well settled are earning only bread and butter? Or is it better to wait for some good job and time?