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Can evil eye make a person lose his job?

Is it possible for a person to loose his job due to evil eye from some one. And also not to find a new one job due to evil eye? amirriaz

My husband can’t seem to keep a job

He is intelligent, but he can’t keep his job. The company closes, or he gets fired… the list continues.

I have big dreams, but every door is shut

Right now, I feel like my dreams and desires have crashed. I try to keep faith, but it somehow is short-lived. I make full resolve to study but yet again I fail.

Trying to get a job but failing

I have been invited for so many job interviews and have been denied all the jobs I’ve applied for. My parents keep pushing me for a job and I want to get one and have failed.

My wife left me, how can I save my marriage?

I am not financially sound (which is also a problem for her) and got help from my parents a couple of bad time. Now, I am suffering from serious financial problems and to some extent I know I will be jailed here due to the financial problems. Some of my cheques are bounced and case is with the police and they have held my passport and I am jobless…