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my husband just walked out on me

i got married a year ago. and it was with a guy that i liked but luckily both our parents approved. however one day he just got up n sad iv had enough of u and dont want to stay with u anymore.

I am divorced and want to marry

I feel inclined to my friend or you think its too early to get into another relationship?

I am confused

i dont like my husband any more and i want khula. my family is not supporting me in this. they want to punish me if i go for khula.

Husband cheats on me and touches our daughter

He slept with many girls when he send me away from him. He has broken my trust and even raised hand on me. He strangled me and put the scarf inside my mouth…

Desperate for a Divorce

I’ve been with a bad husband for 11 years. I’m desperate for a divorce but no one will grant it.

Jahez (Dowry) and child custody

i am going to take khula from my husband because he is a patient of depression. can i take my jahaze back or not?

My husband wants the mahr back, but he owes me the same amount!

I am a female who lives in the United States. I got married to a gentleman last year on March 2011. After few months, my husband was not taking care of me financially, he was very stubborn and was creating a lot of havoc in the house, which was very hard for me and my kids from previous relationship.

Want to get back with Ex husband

Me and my husband got divorced, it was more or less amicable and due to our families not getting on with each other. We also have a child together but as we had no family support and this was often the cause of our arguments we didnt think we would last. Now he seems to want to remarry.

Can I get a Khul’ah divorce?

Assalamualay-kum I was forced into marriage in 2006. I was forced because i did not want to marry my mother’s first cousin in pakistan. He wanted to come to the Uk to study. We did not sleep together and since coming to the Uk he has disappeared to his sisters house. I would like to […]