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Is stoning the only way to repent for this sin?

How much gunah I have gotten? How do I repent? Is stoning applicable for all bases? Is stoning the only way to repent?

Marriage After Kissing?

They got married without repentance to Allah. Is this marriage valid or not?

How can I stop being so distressed about his past? I want to marry him.

When he was 14 he had a short relationship with a girl, they didn’t have sex but they have kissed… I want to be the best for my husband but it feels like some other girl has taken that away from me and he won’t feel all that with me.

How do I seek forgiveness for my past relationship?

I am scared that without any forgiveness how will I go to heaven? I want to escape from His punishment…

I want a physical relationship with my boyfriend now.

I am interested in kissing with my boyfriend… I cannot wait long years.

How should I cope from this pain?

I really wanted to marry her and i wanted to get credit from Allah for forgiving her. I didnt look at her weaknesses.. I accept her the way she is.. I dont care.. I myself had weakness.. I didnt realize a thing that i did.

I indulge in intimate kisses with my cousin, but it hurts me to think that my brother had once kissed her

So he told me yeah when she was 13 i kissed her suddenly on her lips but she got a little bit angry. When i heard this i got out of my senses then i asked my gf that is it true so she said yeah its true

Repented but still feel the guilt

I was dating a boy – we were both still in grade 8. Unfortunately we ended up kissing. He also put his hands over my breasts and backside. I still truly feel guilty. I haven’t done any zina but i have a question are there any punishments to what i did ..

Please help me save my soul

I’ve been in a relationship with a boy for 2 years, we both are virgin and haven’t commited zina. And we both pray and we both dont have much knowledge but avoid major sins. As I read a post I know now that according to hadith and scholar touching staring hugging or kissing is also zina.

I kissed a boy and now I cry everyday, I’m so paranoid! What should I do?

I had a boyfriend, he just used to hug me and then in the 4th month he kissed me. and i have never done such a thing and i think that its a major sin what i have done. i left the boy because i knew it was haram!