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Beliefs of husband

He started saying there is no Allah and bad things about religion and Islam. After birth of my son he again started telling me about his beliefs and that he will teach same beliefs to his son.

Have I been a Kafir until now?

I was never taught or told to read name until recently. I am afraid that all my love for Allah, my efforts haven’t counted up until now.


I need help to get rid of the waswasas permanently.

Can I have merchandise associated with Thor?

I mean we would never have a Hindu God Three Headed Spear in our home and even if someone does, people will start saying that it is Kufr. So, can I place Thor Hammer in my house?

I don’t trust my ex and his girlfriend with our son

My son is turning four this year and his father wants to take him to the state where he lives with his new girlfriend… I fear my only child being a kafir or a hypocrite like his father.

A Muslim who does not believe in Allah

Recently one of our family friends introduced her to this person, and the guy started talking to her on phone or chat, he seemed a very nice guy; respectful, humble and all the good traits, but after a couple of weeks he told her that even though his family is Muslim and he is also, he doesn’t believe in Allah SWT.

He is a Shiite but does not hate the Sahabah, can I marry him?

I am a sunni girl interested in a shia guy. If i present this to my parents they will never agree because of his sect.