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My husband wants a divorce, I don’t

I recently went to Morocco to spend time with my husband and his family. when I came back to the UK, my husband told me that he’s not happy with our relationship and wants to divorce me. I was shocked.

Long distance marriage for two years, do I have the right to divorce?

I feel distant from him when I am around him. I would rather spend my days alone. Things have gotten really bad.

My husband doesn’t want children and won’t say why

I am a 22 year old girl and married. My husband doesn’t want a child right now and he doesn’t share why he doesn’t.

I am tired, confused and do not want to marry my cousin anymore. Its driving me to suicidal thoughts

Recently, I went to Pakistan last year for my brother’s wedding. I already had been told that I was engaged to this boy within my family whom I knew. This is the same person who I remember when I went last time to Pakistan I told my mother if I wanted to get married to someone it would be him, I was about 12 years old then. While I was there in Pakistan I did some things that I should of not done, I never did anything like get physical with him or anything (like commit zina), but like sitting close to him when he was not my mahram, I was continuously warned by mother, and relatives that a muslim women does not act the way I did.

I would love him to express his feelings.

As I am a housewife, I wait for him to come from office.When he comes, he just comes for 5 min, then he leaves the room, … Sometimes it seems that there are some magnetic forces that are attracting him to come outside.

Living with the in laws

I need your dire help in advising me as a Muslim how to deal with my ongoing situation. I have been married for 3 years and I love my husband dearly and his family. However, I have maintained sabar and remained steadfast with my difficult in laws.

Marriage communication

I do not know if this is something wrong, but any time I say something to my husband he gets angry, for example he asked me if his trousers are dirty( to judge if they are dirty) I said I do not know, I did not think that my answer was rude?

Have I been rude Is there any book in Islam that talk about good marriage communication?

My husband shows no love, what should I do?

i have been married 6 years alhamdulillah, but my husband does not intetract with me or the children, or even talk or show love.

i have a feeling that he wants to end it. i have given him chances after chances and nothing nobody can get through to him.

How to convince my husband to take me back?

I went to Dubai for 3 months out of pressure from my parents. We used to still talk and think and plan of how to get back to each other. Due to some fight we had over the phone we stopped talking for some time. That’s when his parents forced him to marry and he got married again to another woman.

I am passive in our marriage and she is aggressive

I’m having problems in my marriage. We’re on the brink of divorce. The main problem is lack of communication. It’s me that lack the communicating.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say to my wife most of the time and that’s bad. I’m passive and she’s aggressive.