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Suffering from Poor Self-Esteem which is drastically affecting me emotionally

It sabotages my inner happiness and keep me from living and enjoying in the present moment. I fear too much about rejection, failure, and negative judgment.

Deaf Lady in Distress

My heart has got weaken and weaken. I am worried about my mother and the future.

Porn and masturbation have made me lose confidence

Whenever I am angry, I feel lust, lonely and nobody is there for me. I have negative thinking that many people are committing a greater sins than I do and Allah will forgive me even after I commit it. I masturbate to stop those urges, but now I am fed up by my behavior; I just can’t live like this.

When I saw my father crying, I decided to change. Please help.

I am now known to be ‘easy’ and this is not who I want to be! My reputation is ruined, I have dragged my family down with me, and I don’t know what to do!

I want to be a straight muslim man, please help me.

When I was a little boy of just 2 years I lived in a large compound with a lot of neighbours and friends sometimes we even regarded each other as siblings.I was raped …