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Is it possible to change my husband or should I accept him the way he is?

I try to follow the advice of giving unconditional love to encourage him, but I get a lot of pressure from my family on his work status and so on, and I feel pressured and responsible for him instead of the other way around

depression disorder and salah

My main problem is that I can’t offer salah. Whenever I try to do so, I suffer lot of intense mental pain and pressure, which remains for most of the day- especially when I pray in the mosque. I first used to focus on salah to heal my depression, but I think it worsened my disorder. I want to offer it, but I’m not able to do it.

have I done zina?

I left that life behind me and repented, and it’s almost 10 months now. But I don’t feel the same spiritually like I did before. My prayers are not answered. I don’t sincerely pray namaz although I want to, because I get distracted.