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I don’t feel anything for him anymore

This was an arraganged marriage. At the beginning, everthing was ok till I noticed a couple of things like he was hiding something from me ….

My husband loves his phone more than me

Me and my husband never had the chance to get to know each other, or develop any feelings for each other. The time that we spent together he seemed more interested in his phone than me and never said anything anything sweet or to make me feel special. On the first night he forced me and seemed very eager not at all shy.

Husband only cares about his career and green card

One whole year, and it’s sad to say my husband does not have feelings for me. He “cares” for me, but his number one priority he has made VERY clear is his career and his future profession. He has point blank said everything else really doesn’t matter. It just seems like their is a block on his heart to fully open up to me. He does say, however, that once we have our rukhsathi (actual wedding ceremony) and we start living together, it will be different.

My husband shows no love, what should I do?

i have been married 6 years alhamdulillah, but my husband does not intetract with me or the children, or even talk or show love.

i have a feeling that he wants to end it. i have given him chances after chances and nothing nobody can get through to him.