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Wife is avoiding sex during pregnancy, I am frustrated

i am sexually active male but as my wife is pregnant she avoided me and remain away from me and now it is irritating.

Married girl masturbating

My husband has no interest in me. I miss sex.

Need help – intimacy problem in my marriage

I’ve been married for 7 years… since the beginning of my marriage my wife has been very cold to helping my sexual desires.

Our sex life is compromised

We both are not getting attracted to each other, we do not feel any urge.

Husband hasn’t approached me for sex.

Assalamoalikum, I got married 3 years ago, and my husband hasn’t had intercourse with me yet. He fulfills his desire by oral sex through me. Whenever I demand my rights, he says “there is a problem with you, that’s why I lose concentration and cannot fulfill your rights”, but he always demands oral sex. What should […]