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Is bigamy allowed in my situation?

My son is already married but would like to take a second wife.


If I get divorced under sharia and am still married under English law, am I free to be with another man and marry again? Or do I have to be divorced under both laws?

Curious about Saudi marriage

I hope that someone can advice me or answer my questions.

Marriage decided by parents

What would be the law if he goes against the parent’s wishes? Is it a great sin?

Distribution of inheritance

My father bought the land and constructed the house, but the house is in the name of my elder brother.

What is a woman’s inheritance?

What is the rightful inheritance of women in her fathers property if she is not married ?

I’m worried about legal issues in my marriage

Is there a chance a 1st wife can file against my husband even though our marriage is legal attested and stamped?

Property inheritance as per Sharia law

Can you advise what will be my mother’s share, my sisters’ share and my share as per shariah?

What is the legal status of a second wife?

I read some discussion in this forum is about men doing polygamy with or without their first wife’s permit. Here I want to ask brothers or sisters who live in Western countries and live in poligamy. I myself never live there, I live in Asian country but I know a revert American brother and some men who live there and want to do polygamy/have intention to do that.