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Drugs, lies and no trust…

My Nikkah was held at the end of 2015 and things started “changing” from there… what was promised and told to me wasn’t true at all.

Husband does not change his clothes or wash himself

Please give me advice how to deal with this situation as I don’t know which approach or action to take anymore.

My husband will not work

i am a girl of 23 yrs old got married last year. now i have one child a baby boy. my problem is my husband not active do plan or do something better for us.

Sexual rights of women

I satisfy his needs all the time and I am a sexual being as well… since he isn’t giving this to me do I have the right to divorce?

I fear for my sister but feel like there is nothing I can do for her as she doesn’t listen to anyone.

I did ask another imam on this with a bit more detail and his advise was the same but this still does not get me out of my frustration I really fear for her and fell like there is nothing I can do for her. Anyone that has any advise please it would be much appreciated I can’t go into too much detail as I don’t want anyone been able to find who I am talking about.

Role switching; I am the man of the house.

I feel as if i have been made a fool and being used. Please help and advice on what to do. Also he has anger management issues and very abusive verbally. I do not want my daughter listening to the dirty langiuage that he uses.

Failing marriage, we live seperate lives

I went back to my country for a holiday with my mum when I was 18. We went for a month and we had two weeks left to come back to London when I had a marriage proposal, which my parents wanted me to go ahead with. I felt allot of pressure to do it and felt I would be letting people down if I didn’t,, so they asked and immediately before I had said anything they were celebrating,, so I couldn’t let them down…

He is lazy and has no plan for the future

salam, i am a new muslim and i got married in the christian way and since we married i noticed that he has no plan for the future especially for my kids. he is lazy and irresponsible. I’m so tired of trying to understand him.

i always work so hard for my family that he supposed to do this. now i decided already to divorce him. what should i do so that this divorce process will be easy? and where i should file this divorce case? is it in christian law or in islam law? pls give me an advise. salam