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Is it possible to change my husband or should I accept him the way he is?

I try to follow the advice of giving unconditional love to encourage him, but I get a lot of pressure from my family on his work status and so on, and I feel pressured and responsible for him instead of the other way around

How can I combat my laziness for prayer?

I am 14-year-old Muslim girl. I need some advice on laziness. I really like to pray and really want to pray. I know how to pray in medium level. But I don’t pray. The only reason I don’t pray is I am too lazy to do the ablution (tahorat) five times a day before every prayer.

Want to find a way to combat laziness to be a better Muslim

I get distracted by video games and stop and then stop praying as well. The solution is stop playing games right but then I get bored but then I don’t want to do these sins nor can I bring myself to do them. Why then am I this lazy?