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Converted to Islam, seperated from husband ten years ago. Can I marry?

I just converted into islam last year,but been separated from christian husband for a decade. Can I marry my muslim boyfriend?

Is my marriage legal?

Good day,

I am new to this site, even to Islam. I was converted not that long ago.

My problem is this: I was married before as a Catholic, but unfortunately my wife got pregnant when I was working in kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Married and awaiting his G-card, but proposing for marriage claiming 1st relationship is over.

I was currently introduced to a bro. who has been married to an Muslim-American for 10yrs. they have 2kids together. It has been 2yrs that their relationship has not been in good terms so he decided to move out of the house and into an apartment of his own. I have checked with the imam of his area and they say that he is a decent guy and that he has been living apart from his wife but they haven’t gotten any divorce. When I say they haven’t gotten a divorce I mean it in an Islamic and legal sense.