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I fell madly in love on Facebook and was left heartbroken

I received a mail from her stating that I brainwashed her and she was always with her boyfriend, and even if he leaves her she won’t be coming to me. This was even more harsh of her. That was the last time I heard from her. She deactivated her FB account, changed her number and all that. Two months later she made a new account and blocked me and my mother.

Should I contact the father’s family after all he has put me through?

Please need advice and guidance; I came 6 year ago to USA to improve my career skills I met a Shia Muslim guy from Lebanon, we started dating which in my community is OK as long as there is not sexual contact to get to know the potential husband.

My husband is not anymore the man I married

We met at a masjid and masha ALLAH he was on the deen, always studying Islam, Quran and hadiths and we use to have long conversations about Islam because we loved to talk about Islam. He was energetic and so pious masha ALLAH, he would lower his gaze automatically when other women come. We also had the same plans in life. I fell in love with him because of his deen, great character, his love for ALLAH and Islam. And not too long after I prayed Istikhara (I wanted to marry him). He ask me to marry him, I was so happy and I accepted and I made sure he knew that all that I want from him is to bring strong Islamic value to the table, he agreed.

Emotionally Abandoned and Depressed

I am a 25yr old female sent to study abroad by my mother. She is a doctor and forced me into doing medicine as well. I have spend the worst time of my life in these past 5 years, met all sorts of selfish people who cheated me and let me down….