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I want to marry him, but he is avoiding me.

I don’t know what to do – to wait for him or to let him go?

I am confused! The person I loved married someone else.

I can’t stop thinking about him and while his proposal is accepted, he calls me and he wants to kiss me and do bad things.

Divorcing spouse – having mixed feelings

I filed for divorce from my wife and am having a difficult decision being firm in my decision.

Letting go…

It hurts like pulling a sword in your heart, knowing that I’m giving up with someone who I can say is my best friend and my love of my life.

When to stop making dua?

I have been making the same dua for months now with no progress…

Need words of advice and hope…

I got sexually abused by my uncle as a child… Of course this led me to committing zina… I even done an abortion…

My mind says to let go but my heart won’t let me

We did a huge mistake he got me pregnant… He suggested to abort the baby and now he gave up on me.

How can I repent from this and move on?

Salam, I have been in a sexual relationship of 3 yrs with my boyfriend. Recently my parents engaged me with another guy.